Monday, November 6, 2017

Don't ask for direction to a supermarket in a supermarket

One of the more annoying things you can do is ask for help to find people doing the same thing as the person you ask.

I mean would you go into a chocolate store asking for direction to another chocolate store with the question "do you know where you can buy chocolate?", or even worse if the clerk know someone who is better? I guess if you are crazy or don't know better. Still most people would go out start their smartphone and google chocolate store.

I'm amazed that it seems not to work here. If you turn a artist down on sent in demo or in conversation. The answer back is quite often "do you know someone else that can help us?" I just turned down probably for a reason and now I should help you like a manager to find a new one to test your shit on.

The problem becomes that I wouldn't want to send good contacts something I don't take in myself. In certain cases, like you come with great country music and I can't do anything with it and my best friend has a great country label, sure i would recommend that. Sending crappy pop music to other pop labels, nah that can get me in a bad position.

Second the no is probably not that it was not fitting, the product lacked something and that almost 99.9% of the others would say no to as well. So i would not do you a favor by sending you along.

The worst ones is mangers that ask for favors that really they should do. I got the other day a question from a manager if I could do him a favor and send over my list of media people, and if  I had a good list of labels that would be appreciated as well since we didn't take in his project.

The worst ones is when they come to our PR department and want us to do PR for something and we don't have time or really don't want to work with it and say no and the question back becomes "What should I do now, you have to fix something for me". Like it is my problem that you where turned down so I should find someone with lower standards to get your work, just because you pay down't mean you can get the services all time.

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