Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I guess the swedish music wonder is over!

In Sweden, we always tell people that it's so good when we go abroad with artists that the audience abroad trusts that we come with good quality music. And it¨s true they do. Still, the past year's devaluation of the companies and the fire of very good people with knowledge starts to show in the international arena. Really the band's people are talking about its still The Knife, Jose Gonzales and Tallest man on earth. Not really any new artists. The artist we have produced right now like Zara Larsson , Avicii and Swedish House Mafia are mainly products of big companies abroad and the artist is more kettle then artists. And the lifespan of these artists is very limited, as you can see with Avicci and Swedish House Mafia.

I just went through around a hundred festivals in Europe and really, not many Swedish artists are one there. The past three years has been very empty. I guess there is no growth with new Swedish artists that are genuine and not relying on fake numbers on Spotify like Zara Larsson has done. The need for a real band with real music and a real show is needed to bring back the Swedish music wonder.

And also visionaries, the Swedish industry is lacking people that take risks. Instead, they sit in front of computers try to make a formula to get artists out without any risk. It won't happen and if we continue like this Sweden will be as fun as Latvia in music.

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