Monday, November 20, 2017

The rules of bad companies

I guess one of the things that you get a feeling for when you work in the business is witch companies that really are not genuine. I have seen many attempts to build lists of companies that are not really correct, but it's hard. Many of the companies are not doing anything illegal, they just have bad deals. Of course, the ones who work in the industry fast knows these companies, but they still have a fresh supply of artists getting into the problem al the time.

I just saw a person that claims that has very much knowledge of the industry making big headlines that she works with a company that is really famous for ripping artists off. Of course, this will make her own credibility shrink very much and it's not the first time she is doing it. The problem that people around her trust her judgment since she used to work high up to record labels years ago.

So the first rule. If peoples claim to fame is very old stuff, they are probably not that updated. In fact, they might be having less info or very bad info to give you.

The company she was bragging about is a record label that gets an artist to pay a lot of money to record in their studio. First, it's more money than a normal studio charge. Second, they take ownership of the recordings you pay for which is kind of morally wrong, not illegal.

So second rule. If you pay stuff to the record label that they are benefitting from, well there you have an error. For example, you pay for the recording is kind of usual, but not in their studio on their premises. Also paying for their PR work and stuff is also a way to rip bands off.

Of course, if you hire someone to make services for you that is okay. The things are if they keep the rights for the recording and so on. In a service, you still keep the rights.

The third rule is who owns what. In most of the cases, they put in codes that belong to them and bring in money from different sources that artist usually doesn't have an idea of existing.

So rule three, use your own codes if it works.

In my case I will just get rid of the person in my network, it's obvious that she is not well connected in the business any longer.

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