Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The second 10000 houers

Sweden produced several great sport stars. For example the tennis player Björn Borg. He spent countless hours bouncing a ball against a garage door in Södertälje. That door was recently sold for a high price to be in a museum in Södertälje.

Same with the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He spent hours down on the football field training. He also kicked the ball against a wall in Rosengård.

Yes both did over 10000 hours to practice their skill. You have to train your skill with your instrument at the same way. Playing the guitar every day for a couple of hours is a most. Or signing and train your voice. Whatever it is you have to do the practice. And do it over 10000 hours. It’s just a number I know still its makes a measurement.

But what most forget is the other 10000 hours you have to add. Yes they both along practice but on top of that they played in teams and with trainers. Both Björn and Zlatan added 10000 hours more. This is what most artists miss in the equation how to be good. The Second 10000 hours contains marketing and practice in the rehearsal room. But also playing live. For the sport player this is when you train with your team and when you do games against other teams.

On an artist side in these two other 10000 hours. Contains constantly marketing around your art, live gigs witch you get from that marketing. And of course rehearsal with other musicians. Still this is the part most skip. But in reality here is where a star could be born.

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