Thursday, September 15, 2016


Today I got those people you really hate. They lazy ones. First I got a question from a person who didn’t do their job (even though they got paid for it) to provide them with info for the job they didn’t do. The jobs was for another customer so I was not involved like that, but it takes some nerves when that customer called me up complaining that they didn’t do their job, then they call me and ask for the info of my job to save their asses. I was just amazed.

Then an artist answered on an email that got out 3 years ago when we moved our office. We found some of their records that hadn’t been picked up after distribution and we asked them to answer quickly since we were throwing things away for the move of office. Today they answered wondering what we were doing with the CD:s. They just had saw the email. Oh wow an artist that didn’t look in the email for 3 years. And after that they wonder what kind of promotion we had done during the time we had the CD:s?

I guess when we found the CD:s we probably had done the campaign 2 years or before that. This must be to most lazy band in history. 

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