Monday, September 19, 2016

Numbers is not everything

That headline could be about so much but the numbers today will be about songs. I got a message from a songwriter that writes that he has over 2000 songs written and registered. This kind of things is quite common that you get from songwriters from time to time that they have so and so much songs written. This one at least then tell that 600 of them are recorded.

Still there is no value in these number. To be honest if I start tomorrow I can easy write 2000 songs until X-mas. Yes they will probably all be crap. And that’s the risk here as well. Sure he might have taken longer time to write 2000 crap songs, but hey in the end it is still crap. You can’t polish a turd.

He then tells me that these songs he sends in are for Eurovision song contest. Even so more strange. We have never worked in Eurovision since we thing that the songs writers in Eurovision is more of the songwriters that are really crappy. Okey one of our bands Les Gordons will be on this year and they are good. Still they are a rock n’roll band and write songs in that formula. But we never place songs with artists in this way.

So even before I listen to his songs he has got me a big hunch that this is crap. 2000 songs, would be better top tell that he written 50 and all of them has been on the top 10 chart. That is much more impressive. Also that he is on Eurovision screams that it’s pretty bad. Also if you really want to get into Eurovision you can send in your songs to the open jury. 6000 songs comes in and we really don’t know how many is actually chosen that way. Also if we got it on chans, well how many others have these songs right now?

It remind me a bit of when I got the mail from a songwriter that claimed he wrote Rebecca Blacks Friday. Really not a good claim to fame. It was all over that the team who did that song not only did a lousy job when then she got famous for it they claimed some rights on a song they already sold. That mail also went into the trash bin. With my new 2000 songs dude. I guess it depends when I have time to listen to it. My guess is though that it will be close by when Eurovision starts in february.

well this is what i think...

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