Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rolling around

We call them rolling around (valsa runt)in Swedish. The artist that some not so well contacted manager or some artist doing it by themselves just pop up with but never goes anywhere. They are pretty good on what they are doing since they have read all material and done all steps. But they are not good enough. It’s unusual but they are around, the artist that just not good enough.

They have already had their chance. Usually they have played some bigger showcase festivals but nothing really came out of it. The problem is as usual they are good but not good enough. So they keep on going.

A usual thing is that they have a totally clueless manager. This person is good on nagging and with some favors actually got them these chances. But the network is too weak to get them any further. Just get them in and show them off and it’s over.

Now they are a bit tired and only want that illusive record deal. Here comes the problem. Since they work so hard they already have done everything. So it end up with them teaming up with some really small player that do less what they have done before.

So they break free and then start all over to find that person that will take them to the stars. Problem is that they are not good enough so it won’t happen.

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