Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More about numbers

Okey another one around numbers. How to check numbers on videos. I got a message from a band that had over million views on their video and they were excited about it.
Which is cool. So I want into Youtube to look on the video and it just had 8000 views. And the comments was just 300 and all positive witch is strange.

Then I realize that they were talking about their video on Facebook. Well now we have a numbers problem. First Facebook starts all its videos automatically so if people just scroll down suddenly you get a view. So if you repost the song several times yes you will get a lot of views but really no one has seen it.

So the Youtube numbers are better in that way. Still you can also set homepages to start videos when you enter them. A thing that is really annoying but is a strong reasons why many bigger artists has so many numbers on their videos.

So the best figures is Spotify because you can’t really manipulate these figures. So I looked there and the song was under 2000 streams.

In the end, I’m not so sure about that so many has seen this video. Also Facebook doesn’t pay anything so that sucks. Youtube pays pretty bad and can be bit manipulated. So Spotify is the thing right now. I hope Youtube is getting better. Still I’m not that excited of the Facebook views.

I did a test I shot out our latest Vblog. And looked today 24 hours later it has 213 views on facebook (yes we release it as its’s own video there and as a link to youtube). On Youtube it has 10 views. But the page on the blog has been visited over 70 times. Yes the number doesn’t really add up.

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