Friday, September 23, 2016

Be consistent

If you are friend with me on Facebook you probably has seen that I change my profile picture quite often. At least some times of the year. It’s not that I’m vain, oh well, but not that vain.

 No it has to with to be consistent. I decided to change my profile picture every time I’m out traveling and reach a new city. First it was just for a tour and you could follow how much my beard grow on a month of touring. But it got stucked.

 Now it is a running joke. I take a picture in the city I’m in. Usually in a way so it can be anywhere but every now and then I put in a landmark. Also the rule is that I only have one shot. If I look crap yes it will be out until I reach next destination.

 Several of my friends do the same. Mike takes pictures on plates he finishes. Magnus takes pictures on hotel floors and you have to guess witch hotel he is staying on. It’s all to keep up with it. If you stop doing it. It’s all lost.

Same with almost all your social media activity as a band. It’s about doing your thing and keep doing it. Yes of course I try many things that I evaluate after a month or two and if they don’t work I take them off. Band of the day here in the blog is a feature that didn’t work as I wanted and I put it off.

And next week my USA your starts I guess we will change the picture a lot.

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