Friday, October 6, 2017

Don't let them treat you like cattle!

Listen to a speech by Paul Pacifico who is the head of AIM. he said that the tech world is mainly coming into the music world saying, ohh we have a solution for its easy. Thinking that they who have been there for 3 minutes can solve the problem the industry had for 20 years.
After they tried they come back with what Donald Trump is saying here.

Yes, they did all his pre assessors knew it was that hard. Otherwise, they would have done it. In fact, Donald Trump making an ass of himself telling the world before this that solving the healthcare system was easy, can't be that hard. Then coming back a half year later tell you no one knew how hard it was.

Like there was something new that the systems of copyright are complicated. Yes, they are and no small app will just solve the problems.

I get the same feeling with the tech  music industry right now. They come up with ideas that we had 10 years ago. Abanded these ideas since we now know it's too darn complicated. The one that they are presenting and tell you stuff like we will help artists, they build in a way so they rip off artist their money.

Really! Who doing that, you wonder. Well any tech site where they force you to use their IRSC codes is stealing your money. And it's very common because the tekkie thinks it's an easy way go around a much bigger problem, who is owning the master and can IFPI handle so many users?

I won't get into the bigger problematics on the ISRC codes, to not be fooled get your own codes, never upload on a page where you can't put your own codes ion and you are fine.

The bigger part is also that the tech companies treat the artist like cattle. They build their platform like all the artists are the same, which they are not. It's would be the stupidity that everybody looks at companies in the same way. There is a huge difference in needs at the U2 head office then the local band from Dublin. There is a difference between Google problems from the local grocery stores. Still, the music tech acts like they re all the same.

They never build on the subject of one artist. Just a mass thing of the artist. Like a herd of musicians. Right now I more than ever hear the crying help from musicians looking too swift through all there sites that are coming up with ideas that should solve the problem to reach an audience. I guess the future is in the tech companies that will get the solution for the artist on a personal level. Right now they are kind of few.

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