Monday, October 30, 2017

PR Agents, is it really worth it?

I was speaking with one of the record labels we are working with. We discussed a new release and what kind of Pr work that should be done.

- I really don't want to hire Pr agents in all the territories. In fact, I want to use them as less as possible. It feels like they just take the money and actually don't get things done, said the label.

And yes that is the case many times. I just studied a friend's release. He is giving out a record more for fun. But he hired a PR agent. Sure the record is a hobby project and they don't expect massive exposure. They got recommend to a pr firm but a friend but called me up to check references.
This Pr firm is mainly one person. It has been there for years has some big clients but really don't do any bigger noise for its clients. Still, I can't say it's bad but you probably would get more and cheaper services if you combined ads and some smaller services where you can send to blogs.

The biggest thing is that the firm also has some management work. When you do management it's usually when you really like a project. So for, hat you go with all your resources. The problem was that even when the PR firm has a favorite project these bands never got any real good exposure. To be honest it was what the label was talking about. No real results.

I told my friend that, but he felt he didn't have any choice so he went on.

They released a single really getting nowhere. Spotify around 3500 streams two mounts later is not that good. A think a student radio show had the song in a list for a week.

Now they album came. All that I can see on media is an outlet where you get covered as soon as you do a pressrelease. Funny thing is that I don't find their pressrelease in the official channels. In reality exact why the label feel insecure to hire PR.

There is a lot of these PR agents out there. In reality the good ones has booked gigs with labels all time so the ones that are open for single projects are usually not able to create any things that really matter. What we give for free service to our artists on the publishing side is better than what a expensive PR agent can provide.

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