Monday, October 9, 2017

The audience search they way you search!

The most pointless things you can do as an artist is just looking so things look alright. I don't know how many times I get calls from people want to change things on Spotify (or other sites) so they should look good on just their device. It can be all sorts of things they think should be there like a photo or bio.
The tragic part is that they think people won't listen to the songs if this piece of information is not there. Or the picture looks a bit out of shape.I can't really see any audience saying: Ohh the picture look awful so I won't listen to their song.

One of the key ellenments is iuallay that the artist that goes around complaining of small things like this is the  ones that dosn't have so much streams. Reality behind that is two things.

One is that they spend all this time fixing things that really is not necessary instead of taking the time to promote the song so people actually listen to it.

Second is thinking since it's wrong doesn't spend the time to promote it to the audience.
In both cases the end results qwill be few listeners and that they blame on that the picture is a bit out scale.

Same with genre. Ohh we went to be in Country/metal/jazz fusion. The genre is nothing to care about. I have never met anyone that actually goes into Spotify and look up pop and start to browse through all the things that are under pop ( i don't know if it's even possible). So stop being a dumbfuck around genres. In reality you can almost put it under anything. The only thing the genre is doing that some site that only holds a certain kind of music won't pick it up. But hey if you don't do that kind of music. Nobody care tat you are not on that site.

You know what, good music will find its listeners if someone is talking about it. That we have seen with songs that people try to hide. They still find them.

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