Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's a marathon not 100 meters.

You really have to be persistent if you gonna work in this business. I just saw another prospect throw in the towel.
A typical example. He came in three years ago with a lot of enthusiasm in the belive that he could make a change. Fast opened a recordlabel signing some bands. Then expand it to management since the recordlabel couldn't bring in the money. Run around like a sick rat promoting this band. Of course the first band you do almost never make it. In reality the band is good not excellent. Start then with side things like Pr services and concerts, in reality just make some money on anything. Then comes to the delusion that the musicindustry doesn't give you the chances you deserve. Then run in the wall and become sick of all the work with a hopeless project. Comes out on the other side gets a job that has some music but really not. Like working for the government making camps for children that like music or sitting in the reception on a PRO.

I see these a lot. We call them rat racers. Right now a majority of them are women. Have no answer why. The thing is that they wrong is that they want to get everything fast. Getting to the point where I am in a year time (took me 20 years) and then in two years become Tony Mottola.
You have to hang in there to succeed. You have to take the years until the network is strong enough. But right now to many want it to fast.

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