Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Know your favour

I have been seeing lately people asking stuff on Facebook. In reality they ask for services that people sell for free. It can be things like can someone give me advice how I do a funnel page or do you have contacts to UK publicists.
Sure I would help you if you give something back. But most people asking for things like this is newcomers that can't give something back of value in the position I'm in.
These also want to create clubs or meeting spots where they think the information flows. Reasently I have bumped into many in the level where I'm in that is really tired to give info to these newcomers and want us to start a club for a higher level. Problem is just to know how to measure the level.
Yes I used to help newcomers but like the rest I really growing tired to help out without even a thank you. I will be really picky who I will go along with.

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