Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You are not that big, size matters.

It's never too small for you. This is maybe the biggest mistake to think something is too small. I'm going to a smaller conference in Sweden. I got called up by a local artist for some advice. Since I know he lives very close to the conference I ask if he would be at the same festival. No, he thought it was too small and wasn't worth going to it. At the same time, the artist was in desperate need to have a meeting with me, and I was a speaker at the conference.

He laughed and that was a point, but we could see each other outside the festival before or after my speech.

The problem here is that before he spoke to me he had ruled me out as "too small" now it was just someone telling him to contact me and he realized that I was a person to meet. In reality, most of the speakers were good to meet. In fact, some have rather big an cool projects going on, just the artist doesn't know it. And since this is a small conference it would be great opportunity to really grab the speakers and get a better network. Really nothing is too small, only people who can't see opportunities.

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