Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why this shit tradition Sweden

A lot of travel this week. I’m going to all over south of Sweden. It will be fun if it’s not a snowstorm. Well it’s Lucia today as well. I don’t know but that means all stupid people with small kids that never drives should drive on the roads.

Yes Lucia a kind of a Scandinavian thing. I guess they have it in Italy as well. What it is, that the small kids dress up in a nightgown and sing songs that really makes no sense (we don’t give a shit if Staffan was a groom) . The teenager sees an opportunity to get hell of a drunk. And most adults hate it, except those who has small children, it get back to that. And really old people that shit them self’s and really don’t know where they are, well they just have to witness the whole thing whether they like or not.

Also kind of tradition that Lucia is a blond girl with long hair. I don’t know why, St Lucy that celebrates was Italian. And they usually are black haired. Especially in the dark ages. A department store had a pictures of a black kid ( can’t really tell if it is a she or he) as Lucia and who Sweden went ballistic. Some was really against it, some thought it was really good.

This is so Sweden. Things like this occupy their brains. That a totally maniac called Donald Trump is doing things or that children in Africa starve. No no that doesn’t bother the Swedish people. No if Lucia should be a boy or a girl or be Chinese or Italian that they can debate.

They really don’t see the bigger picture. That today it will impossible to reach people because they have taken the day off to see their damn children in a nightgown singing bad songs. And they will block the whole damn city with their cars. And yesterday they shut down the food store to have damn Lucia in it. Can’t you see what it actually does….spread diseases! Yes that was going on. All these kids will get a hell of a chance to spread germs to the adults and then all Sweden has the flu until x-mas.

It happens every year. At least in the good old days the kids had real candles and something could at least get on fire. But they have even taken off that tradition.

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