Friday, December 23, 2016

Trumps in the Swedish scene.

I guess one of the things I want get rid of is people that says they are one thing and then prove to do another thing. A bit like Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

I'm a bit tired to defend them and be nice to them and watch them destroy things that people build up.
Usually they talk about things, a bit like religion, that yeah we are so nice and friendly. But with them getting power you just discover that the whole thing is built up like Hitlers nazi party. Last time they had a festival that went to hell.

And now I see this people again with government money doing the shit all over again. So should I just tell the truth or just let people know what fraud is to happen is the question.

Well stay away from it, some might say

Yes but at the same time see many good people that are nice get crushed and that will also effect me. The Swedish scene is small so when idiots get in it can effect a lot of things.

Same with a new company going around and tell unknowing government foundations that they should be more open to independent music. They claim to represent the independent music scene with over 300 independent record labels. But when they get paid to do things for all of them they just book their own artists. And no one else can get in.

We have seen it before and it took years to get it right. And now I see this on the horizon again. If we just had enough with that Trump becomes president, we have a bunch of mini Trumps doing shit in the Swedish music climate.

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