Sunday, December 25, 2016

Don't be like this..

We got this to our record label inbox, Of course I’m censor who it was from. But it's a typical email we get several of every week. People that hasn't done their homework and now face a problem.

Hello my name is *******. This year 2016 I released a cd called ****** . I am
now looking for someone to distribute my new cd.  Jazz/pop rock genrer.
I am from Sweden. I am not a signed artist. I have produced the cd and Swedish
broadcasting Corporation has produced the recording. Which distributors do you prefer ?
have 900 dvs physical at Home.

Kindly **

I really don’t know witch planet this person is on. First of all the CD (or is it a DVD look on the last sentance it says dvs...this could easily be DVD:s) is already released. The person has already printed over 900 copies of the shit and now realized that she need a distributor. And since almost every record store is closed in Sweden by know finding distribution for a product like this…well it’s probably smarter to get down and buy 5 tickets to the powerball lottery and actually take out that you are going to win and spend the money beforehand.

Second even though this person printed the CD what’s the deal with the Swedish broadcast cooperation, does it really have all the paper on this? Since they are writing an email like this I wouldn’t trust a word that everything is in its order.

And the genre what is Jazz/pop/rock? I guess this is some stupid Jazz project, the people that plays Jazz usually don’t have any knowledge and should immediately stop giving out music. Jazz is no music is just a sound, not music.

Then to the question: Which distributors do you prefer? What I should just stop what I’m doing and start helping this utterly stupid project. People like this should be stopped by NCB already starting doing stupid things like this.

The thing is also most of this information is online, if you just start to use Google and do some search you will find it EASY! Just hate artist that do stupid stuff and then wants to be curled like a small child.

When you later meet people like this on different kind of meetings they always take up time by complaining that is so hard din the music industry. I guess it becomes harder if you just do it this way.

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