Friday, December 30, 2016

Last working houers this year. I'm excited!

Yes I’m doing the last couple of hours before I logg off and will be on next year.

I guess it's the last hours of the old system that we now have spent months to change and launch next week. It will be fun.

Next year will be more selective. Commercials, TV and movies are kind of outdated. Big conferences are out, getting into more local ones. It's the feeling of 2006 all over again. A fresh start with a new thing, but working against old mindsets.

Yes I remember the struggle 2006. The old mindset was still physical products. The ones that spoke about that are now gone from the business. The new one they laugh at are now kings like Spotify.

I guess though that Spotify can easy be the old one gone in 2026. And the people that only talks about playlists will be out of the business by then.

Yes I really feel that I’m on to something new. Back in 2006 it was the new way of making PR through commercials. And yes I made a good thing about it.

I'm excited!

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