Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It’s easy to be Star struck.

I just saw some changes that a band went from one label to another label. The interesting here is that I know both labels so I get the story from both sides. Of course the new label is really happy to have this band, the label they left are happy to get rid of them.

And when you look on the information the band gives on their social media it looks like a really good contract. But now when I can get the inside information it doesn’t look that good. Some small paragraphs and owning ow masters will make it difficult to make money for the new label. Also the old label will not give away their fanbase witch was held by them.

I know the band is still stars struck. But I think the honeymoon will be short lived. The things the new label put in is really not that impressive. More like a step backwards for them.

Yes things might look good on the outside looking in, it’s a totally different story when you see the whole picture.

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