Monday, December 12, 2016

Old farts and their record labels

Sometimes you get in artists that really just was famous for one song in the early 90:s bust still think they should be treated like a star. Yes you should drop all the work you are doing to handle whatever insignificant problem that artist has. Most problems are like, I don’t get any gigs can you get me gigs! How do I get same listeners as this artist, we are you in the same age (make reference to an artist that actually made more hits and still today are something to recon with)! It was better in the old days then you really made money out of music!

Of course is this problem that the artist is lazy and the new system actually demands that you work. And in many cases they have opened record labels themselves, since really no one wants to work with them. But they only want to have a label, doing the work and take responsibility. So the conversation goes.

-        -  I want to get out this record, how do I do it?
-          -You upload it on the webpage under your account.
-        -  That is much work; can you do it for me?
-        -  Well if you pay me extra. But you have to send me the codes like ISRC and EAN/UPC.
-          -How do I get those? Can you do that for me?
-        -  Well not really, to be safe you should have them yourself.
-         - Yes it needs to be safe, all the money should go to me, I own everything.
-        -  Yes and the safest is that you have the songs registered so you have the codes.
-         - It’s so much trouble. Can you do it?

So you fix it for them. You tell them what you do and where to get the money afterwards.  Five years later or more they popup and screams, where is my money? Of course they never went to the places you told them. They didn’t do the things that were necessary. And once again they think that you should just drop everything you have going to help them with their not really problem.

There is a reason why I don’t listen to people talking about the old times, I just despise them. Luckliy there are good old artist as well, but they talk future and work hard.

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