Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Are Guns 'n' Roses uncool or my phone company hip?

I just got a message from my phone company that I can buy cheaper tickets to see Guns ’n’ Roses in Sweden this summer. I spoke to the guy that handles some of Coachella where Guns ‘n’ Roses was first booked as a reunion. He just smiled and said it was not worth the money for booking them.

And I’m bit puzzled. Has Guns ‘n’ Roses become so unhip they use my phone company to get out there. Or is my phone company hip to choose a real cool band to advertise with?

Usually around x-mas you see all kind of uncool companies do Christmas shows with artists that you wonder where they are the rest of the year.  And it’s the most uncool names you can come up with that going to sing Christmas songs when your company has a Christmas dinner and you need to get really really drunk to just bear with it.

In Sweden you know that an artist is so out when they play on these Christmas things or play on the cruise ships between Sweden and Finland, if it’s not a special arrangement, there are cool cruises with special themes like the Punk boat and so on.

Well I would like to see Guns ‘n’ roses. I have never seen to original lineup play (but bought condoms with Slash on Stringfellows in London and party with the rest of the's a totally another story). But how long do I have to wait for Axl to get on the stage? Well the date they play here I’m in USA seeing the next Guns ‘n’ Roses.

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