Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stupid imature people

I want to give out my music and someone should fix that for me. I really don’t want to investigate how it’s done I just want it done and then I should make a lot of money.  But my music sucks so badly that no one wants to give it out. In the past then it was tough luck. The good part was that the system was not flooded with stupid people that throw their hands in the air confronted with any obstacle.

Internet changed all that. Today it’s not even hard to get out your music. But what has surpassed the artist is that you have legal responsibility if you give out music. Even worse you have to think. And in my daily job you have a clear view that quite many don´t think at all, they really think that giving out music is like doing a facebook post.

First they complain that is hard to understand (which is not, it’s really not harder than third grade in school), especially when almost everything is written online how to do it. Then of course they take the easy way out and then complain that they are getting fooled by not secure their rights. Since the smart system that actually works you need to think what you are doing.

I don’t know how many times a day I just think: well you should not give out music at all.

And really it should have been this way. If really no one accepts the artist believes in the music, it actually should not go out. What happens is that all systems are clogged with music that really no one wants to hear. Many complained that the record labels was the gatekeepers, and record labels complained that radio/media was the gate keepers. But it really assured that most of the shit was not out there.

And what is out there is a bunch of people that won’t take any responsibility and just complains that their music is not much listen to as Madonnas.  And they really don’t want to do anything to get people to listen, maybe because it sucks.

The Mommyheads tells how it is. At least they are a great people and do great music.

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