Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The music generations.

When you look back you can see different waves of artists coming and going. Almost like classes graduate.

I found a poster yesterday when I was going through old papers. It was a gala that was held ten years ago. Almost of all the artist did I know or worked with either back then or later in the future. What struck me was that none of them were still active in that constellation on the poster.

Most of them, even how popular they were closed down just two years after. One quit just two years ago from now but on the poster they were really the newcomer. Some of the people in the band went into new bands or even work in the industry. Many just disappeared.

It's never a certain time that gets what builds the classes. Not a certain year. It's a certain period. Right now I feel we are in of those shift from one period from another. I see many acts give up and quit. The other day it was very clear when two acts from two waves ago really giving up on the whole thing.

Like always when these shifts are ongoing you are excited about what you find. At the same time pretty tired that you have to go back and teach the things all over again. In a way, I'm tired to see the artist try to invent the wheel over and over again. Do the same mistakes as the last wave.
A very influential successful friend once gave me the advice to stop working with bands and just work with companies. And yes it's safe to have that. A company that just pile artists in wave after wave living off the long tale. But I really find that boring. I want to find the artist that can stand the pressure.

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