Monday, July 22, 2019

Hate music

One thing I really don't like is hate music. Everybody thinks direct on white primacy music but really there is a lot going into the hate genre.m Early days of hip hop where a lot of lyrics went on to hate gay people. Some kind of Reggie music was still a lot of hate messages around gay people. I just bumped into a feminist artist where all the text is about how evil or stupid men are.

None of this is ok. The only thing that is kind of ok is songs around politicians, you can't say no to a song like "Donald Trumps wants me to smoke crack". But it seems like if you wrting songs about certain things you get away with it. I was discussing the feminist things and people just thought it was cute, a bit like people thought it was right what the Nazis did to the jews at the beginning of 1930. It was like no one was thinking.

Sure there is a lot of men doing stupid stuff. Still doing hate songs just because your skin color, sexual orientation or gender is just not ok. The horrible thing in this is that she got back up from the government. I just had to stop working with that department. I guess I have to tell them a bit later why.

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