Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Some artists really make it difficult.

In the last week, I got a phone call from a manager friend of mine. He wanted to get in an artist at the festival. He had begged me on different channels before but I hadn't come back. Our lineup was almost set and I know this artist and she is really weird and really don't have what it takes to make a career. She has before been kicked from labels. Done strange things and is a bit flaky. But I really like my friend so I gave him an offer on a timeslot since it was late it was a slot that was not the best with venue or time. It was the best I could do. At least he got a spot, many got just a no.

Now a month later the artist came back to me and explained that she couldn't do the festival since she had an agreement with her band that the price we offer was to low, they couldn't lose on to take a gig.

She really diminishes her mangers work. We didn't even want her on, that was really just a favor. Now the mangers reputation is not the best. He tries to book artists and then the artist is trying to negotiate whatever he had agreed on? And I feel that the manger was asked by the artists to check if she could play on the festival.

Also, why have an agreement like that? Since I, in the beginning, didn't think she was worth taking in, well then she really doesn't have a value for a real festival. And looking on her homepage the festivals she does is small things on pretty unknown festivals. In fact, she is the perfect example of how you not getting a career.

In a way, I'm really happy that she went off. Now I can get this slot to some serious artist that actually want to have a career.

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