Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Know your limit

I give you a guitar as a present. Then you complain that I'm not there to tune it whenever you play it!

That is the feeling I get when I do favors for people and they just come back with problems. First, they nag that they want to play on a certain festival. I happen to know people and talk to the artist booker at the festival.
Suddenly the artist comes back to me and wants a better and bigger stage time. First, this artist is only booked on my recommendations. In reality, they have no value for the festival in this case.

After that, the management for the band starts to complain that they don't have the money to get to the festival and think I should fix some government sponsoring or if the festival can pay a bigger fee since they need more people with them to do a better show.

Not joking its kind of usual. People don't see the opportunity just the problems and want everything to be perfect.

What happens to the speech I got when they nagged. "we do anything to get on the lineup". No more like, I want you to fix us the most paid gig on our career on the biggest festival.

Had enough of that crap.

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  1. Amen brother! Not doing that anymore. "Whatever it takes" translates to - you do all the work and get no thanks. And, let's be honest, most times we do it for the "thanks." It's difficult to live on "thanks" though.
    - My particular favorite is when you do a deal for someone, they "forget" to pay you, or come up with banal excuses. Two weeks later they come back with - "What are we doing about this problem?" - Who is "we"? I ask of the person who hasn't messaged me in weeks.