Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I need the bordom.

It's not a lack of gatekeepers that destroy the music industry today. It's the bubble, the lack of what information that reaches me.

The digital highways are so full of information that nowadays the algorithms choose what I should see. Or what it thinks I should see. A lot of new music is passing me by until it becomes a worldwide hit. Why? 
It seems How much I try to get the algorithms to get me info of new music it keeps giving me the info in social media of people I really don't care about. Yes I know I can grade people, but I'm lazy and don't want to do that. In a way that would make my bubble even smaller. Then I would just get info from the very closest of my friends and family.

I was listening on the radio on the car on my way home. Not on the music channels. They just play old hits and the ones that play new stuff is mainly bought and becomes very crappy. So I tuned in The station without music, just talk. Here they presented things I really don't have time to get into. It was a program about lilacs and how they were moved to Sweden. It sounds boring. But it was great. We just planted lilacs outside my house and I found an error we did and now could correct it.

By just get things randomly I find new things. Same with music. The problem now is that I have all the choice in the world. Instead of taking this radio station I could have used an app and tuned in to a pod about one of my special interest like serial killers. Wouldn't learn anything new. Maybe just found a killer I haven't heard of. In the end, you just have heard it all. Special when it's niche areas.
I guess my mind becomes bored. I'm not challenged by random information where I can pick up new things. Now I'm bombarded with the things I really like. But you know what! Those things are starting to get me bored. I'm bored to not find new music. I can't even ask people to send music because the algorithms take off my questions.

I'm stuck in my bubble with real resistance to have my right to feel bored.

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