Thursday, July 4, 2019

Here you find the people that has your audience

You won't meet your audience on a showcase festival. You meet the people that have an audience for you. Your job is to persuade them to present you to their audience.

That is why I hate when idiots measure their success in how much audience they had on a showcase. Many times they ask me how good is that big place they are booked to. You know what! If you have 250 people in The room but no one can take you further. That is ok but not good. You play for five people but all can take you further, that is a success.

This is the reality of the showcase. On a normal festival if you draw just five people its a disaster. A full room is really good and you might get rebooked.
If your artist has a hard time to make a good show with just five people in the room. Well, your artist is not in for the task and is not ready to move up in the ranks.

I get too many cocky artists that they think they made it just because they can draw a hundred people in certain cities. Suddenly they have their noses up in the air. And that is the end of their career.
Every new city is a new market. Every country is even a bigger market to conquer. You are starting all over on a new market all the time. When you are too lazy or too cocky to do another territory you just stopped how big you can become you will only redo what you have done before.

Also the reason I don't book the same artists over and over. In the end, my gig would just be a stop in the never-ending same tour system for an artist.

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