Monday, April 9, 2018

What you need is someone who cares about your music!

Right now I'm a bit upset. I was going through a list of companies that we had speed meetings with on a festival. I was one of the people you could meet. I didn't have time to say hello to all the others now I looked through the list just to see what they were offering.

None of them cared about artists. The majority of them was offering distribution in one way taking rights and the business model was easy to see that to gain on this they had to have several thousands of artists. That will not benefit any of these thousands of artists. They don't care you are just a number. What these people were doing was just trying to collect as many artists as possible.

The other was, in the same way, they were offering connections with big brands. Well if you are JayZ it will work but as a smaller act they can't do anything or won't care about anything either.

Overall these meetings were nothing. Sure they might get you something if you already making it. But if you do that you don't need them.

What you need is someone that cares about you and your music. Any of these multinational labels, publishers or lawyers whatever won't care or do anything special. You will be better if you have a someone unknown that really cares about you. That person will do a much better job than any of these fancy stuff. Still, it's sad to see that many leaves their real people when their career is starting to go good, just to fail that the new company didn't care.

And I think this is the way things will change. There is to many of these companies out there. I went through my business connections and estimated that only 10% out of 2000 connections really cared about artists.

I would know I built several of these companies between 2000 to 2010. But I stopped 10 years ago since it didn't lead anywhere. We are down to care about the artist.

So as an artist what you looking for is someone that really cares about you and your music. Nothing else.

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