Thursday, April 26, 2018

The demo

I actually got this on this blog post around us seeking new music today:

Bertil Goldberg April 25, 2018 at 4:11 PM
Hi, me and my songwriting partner Marcus Tristan just write new original songs. We don´t perform. But maybe your artists need songs to preform. So here are 15 songs for you and we would very much like a response with feedback. Kindest regards Bertil Goldberg +46 708 987 957.

Usually, I don't post around a thing like this but here since it is official on the blog and Bertil asks for a response with feedback. I will post the feedback. Not to be cruel but getting some reality to this.

First, you post on a blog. In one way very clever since it reach me directly. Well, to be honest, all other ways also reach me. The first myth to crack that no one is listing. Yes, we do but we don't have time to answer all that we get. Most of what we get in is nothing that we can work with or are interested in. Usually, when people get silence it means that it was not good enough. Not this either, it's just that I'm making an example. Still your post on a blog. If you see when I posted this (6 months ago) I also gave a link to where to send the music. Put on a blog is never smart. That just tells me that you are not in the business and probably will be very hard to make a deal with since you really don't understand the rules.

What rules, well one kind of rule is, if I'm going to use these songs for my artist I really don't want them published in public on Soundcloud. In fact, these are already given out. And to be able to send secret links I actually put the submission page there.

About that submission page. That just shows that you haven't read the text. In there it says we only care about touring artists and not songwriters. I guess you didn't read the text and followed the instructions so why should I listen to your music? And even more, you ask me to give you feedback taking my time going through something I already know won't work. On top of that, you have only given me a phone number.  I have thought maybe calling you up and just say, you suck! and then hang up. It's very taunting to do that, but I guess it's not good behavior.
And really why should I waste my time giving feedback. If you need that feedback hire someone, but I really don't want to spend my working time giving feedback for free. Well, it is your lucky day, I will give you free feedback since I use this as a lecturing post.

Well, we all have the link to the songs. So if anyone is interested to get a  song from this team, be my guest. I went to the song page. Yes, I can see in Bertils message that this will probably never be anything. And even if there was anything I could use I don't think the level of the team will hold for a negotiation.

Normally this would make me just go away. But since I will have this as a lecture about sending stuff I will keep going.

First, don't send 15 songs. There is no way someone will go through that many. Send maximum three of the best ones. Yes i know that you are doing them in diffrent styles still no one will go through it send three of the best ones.

Know your styles. Here are so many genres, and really no one is fitting the real style. Since there are so many songs I made my decision on the title. Went down to the song Ladyboy, just to have a song around Ladyboys is a must hear. And the genre is trance. And this is so far from trance it can be. Though the lyrics gave us a really good laugh.

Then we saw the song "Bugs", just having a song around bugs? In this case about eating bugs and drinking wine with women! And the style is latin. Is someone pulling a joke on me?

Okay, I had to stop. The lyrics are on a young kids level. The songs are things your her on the ferry from Sweden to Finland, but worse. There are no artists with a career that will touch this.

Ther is a reason why we nowadays have really great schools in Sweden for songwriting. I rather take my risk there then having people send me songs. Bertil and Marcus my advice would take a course at these schools. Right now it's not sufficient to be passed on to an artist or be sold.

Still thinking that someone is pulling a joke on me. But on the other hand this morning a guy promoted hos music by sending links where public told people that he has a small dick. No kidding.

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