Monday, April 16, 2018

More and more that DIY can't be done.

I'm getting more and more from that DIY can be done. Sure DIY with a team works. But totally DIY with the artist is impossible.

The reason is quite simple. The artist can't get enough information to make the right decisions. Then you think, give them that information? It can't be done, you need to have skills to understand and use this information and that would take them away from the music. In reality, you can't do both at the same time.

To make an example. If you are a professional soccer player at the same time you want to be the president of a country. The training and games will make it impossible to get to all meetings and duty a president has. You can't do both things. 

Both also take time to put yourself in the position and know the different rules and get good at it.
Just last week I watched two DIY just crashed their career by doing big mistakes and making assholes out of themselves. The sad part is that they don't even get that they made their career harder, lost opportunities and lost information. In practice, they should stop giving out music that is pestering the online services today.

I would guess we need a new Spotify where you only find music from professionals. Okay, I know Spotify is already doing that in a way. Keeping these off the playlists in different ways. Yes, the last part is the knowledge that the DIY seldom has a clue about.

It's the same with live shows there are systems to keep the DIY off the stages. Usually kind of simple systems, but like I wrote in the beginning that is why we can totally leave the artist DIY, it will never work.

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