Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Releasing music won't get you forward.

Releasing music is not like a lottery. The more you release is not getting you closer to get an audience, buying more lottery tickets might get you a bigger chance to win, even though it's already is small but releasing music is not in that way.

Okay, I can understand that after the latest single that didn't take off it must be tempting to go on to the next one. And it could if you did your PR homework. Unfortunately, most artist just focuses on the release. The PR work will contain the same as last release, and that didn't go that well so hoping that the music is good you need to change on the PR side.

No don't change PR team, that is not what I'm talking about. The error usually lies closer to home. If you really did all that stuff that is needed for a release I doubt you are that keen doing it again two weeks after release. It's the same as when you spent a week in the studio, you are not so keen to go back two days later to do the whole thing again with the same songs!

PR work done right is exhausting, and done right it takes at least two months to follow up and do it right with videos, lyric videos, tags and all other stuff that is to be done.

In the end, don't treat the release as a facebook post. It's the PR work that is taking you forward not the release of music.

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