Thursday, April 12, 2018

Are you doing it a 100%?

I'm fascinated by people that really don't see that what they are doing is contra what they saying.

You have a friend that tells you that he wants to take a fishing trip with you. Going to this great lake and fish and sleep in teent for a weekend. He is really nagging about it.

Then a weekend arise to be empty a month ahead. So you call him up telling that weekend we could do it. Suddenly it change, he is doing laundry that weekend. At least he planned that. You more or less tell him to move the laundry duty to another day.

Then he can't get off work early on Friday from work with short notice (well a month is not short, but hey on some places it is) so then he can only fish for two days and it's a bit short. And if he looks on the weather forecast it could be rain.

Here you see that he is not into go fishing. The only way is to nagg him down and if it would work it has to be perfect.

In reality he is not that interested and when you notice he get off early from work just to play golf in pouring rain, then you know what he is ticking for.

If you really going for something you only see the possibilitys. When you don't you just see the obstacles.

When I work with people in the music industry it's the same. So many says they going into this to a 100% but then can't even have a Skype meeting on a Sunday evening since it's not a work day. Or they won't take a chance since it's not a 100% perfect. In the end all comes around and begg for that fishing tripp that would be nice.

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