Thursday, April 5, 2018

This is how you should post on social media!

I get a lot that artists don't know how to use their social media and post right. Most feeds for new bands is really boring. Pictures from recording sessions and rehearsals. There are many sites that have taken this up before about the percentage you should post around.

I'm really not good on it myself so I will try to fill my blog in the system just to show that it can be done (actually that is a reason why this blog is here, to show some artist that you can do a blog about almost nothing and still get readers and nurse them).

So 10 % should be self-promotion. So, in this case, it would be me telling people to read my blog. And yes I do that every Monday to Friday by just posting one of my posts on my social media. And with a good headline, I lure people in and rad it. Actually around 200 people every day. What I shouldn't do is to promote the same post over and over again even though I'm very pleased how it turned out. Here is a difference between you and me, you might just have one song out to promote. Still, you have to be smart around it. Make posts that should be in the 70 %, It's down in the text.

20% of the post should be shared from and or for other artists. I suck on this. Sure I share funny pictures and sometimes someone's post. I should be sending more out of articles I read. Yes, let's do that. Also, one thing I'm a real sucker on is promoting my own bands. I should do some of the bands I like as well.

70% Should build your brand. In my case should build my story. I guess I do that but can be better on it. The people that follow me on Facebook and Instagram know how I post pictures from the view of the hotel room. The one that has been with me longer also know the reason. I should actually do things like that more so people can follow more and make a person behind the stories.
I guess posting new stories is actually in the 70%. I don't ask people to read them. I rather take up a subject that they will hook on. My problem is that people read them, but won't comment on them so it is more like a news channel. In fact, over these three years and over 600 posts I only got around five comments.

Of course, this comes from another cool blog check it out.

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