Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nothing is perfect!

You get it time from time from artists. Well, it's not perfect to do like that. It can be that they should record in a less good studio. Doing a scaled down show or just a show without any good lightning.

It's like me writing, it's not perfect. In fact, I can do it a hell lot better. That would take me time so much time that I would post once a month. That would effect that people would be less interested to read it. Sure better text but overall not very interesting.

It's better to do something than nothing at all one of my musicians said. And that is try. Because it's never perfect. Yes, it will be when you are the size of Lady Gaga and a 200 people big production. Light, sound everything will be perfect. Until then don't even try to make it perfect. And instead of waiting for that perfect cool studio, record in the small one just to get something out there.

I think the most killing thing is when an artist just wait. that is when it slows down and in the end, dies. Because even if the perfect thing comes along you are not up to speed to take advantage of it. These things come to people who do a thing.

We are still believers of the doers.

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