Thursday, November 17, 2016

What happened to the EPK video?

When I was going through mails with ”demos”. I just found it strange that I almost never (actually I don’t I ever had one sent to me, but have done them for my bands) had a video sent to me about the band. That is the way to market any product, a commercial. And now with all the easy software and cheap cameras, it’s really easy to make a short fun video that presents the artist.

Yes in the old days a music video was a kind of commercial for the song. If you had a cool video people watched it and you got addicted to the song. And normal music videos are sent to me very often. But that is videos for the song, i'm talking a video about the artist.

No this is more like a video that tells about the artist what they have done, like a biography in pictures. This is done for companies all the time. Not so much broadcast but used on fairs and exhibitions.

As it is now, I read some biography when I listen to the song that is presented. But that can be done so much better. I’m surprised that this hasn’t become bigger? We had EPK for awhile, but it seems to be gone?

It’s like we still think sending in a demo is the shit. That was done in the 80:s but it was the most cost efficient. That is the reason.

Well I have done such as videos for a lot of my artists and it has been good. I do it for my company every year. It’s the recap videos for Musichelp.

Still this one are pretty long and more like a info movie. I guess the best one I ever got was Billion Dollar Babies who did a fantastic info video. It's short, contains everything you need to know about Billion Dollar Babies. And it shows exakt what they are all about. This is a perfect teaser.

We did a info about The Magnettes for internal use that Michael Kers created that I really like that one.

I guess that I will get alot of these videos now sent to me. But hey that is great.

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