Monday, November 14, 2016

Back from Tune In Tel Aviv.

I had a great time on Tune in Tel Aviv. Really great festival and really great conferance. Very high level.

I saw so many cool band. I will put out some videos I always shoot to remeber an artist in my phone.

Nadav Dagon drummer/dj very amuzing and a new direction for DJ:s.

This was a really cool set with Noga Erez

Sivan Levy on the conferance ground.

Billy and The Firm, punk rock in a punk rock place.

I really liked Yuar. Also thanks for the translation later in the evening.

Feher did a great show on Kuli Alma

On-The-Go lost their instruments on the flights. So here is a really special acoustic show.

This was really a highlight during the festival. And here you also see Kosha "Pickles" Dillz on a rap.

Cherrie & Renno is so weird but good.

Direct from Live at Heart was The Vanjas from Sweden.

Garden City Movement. Was cool.

Ouzo Bazooka was the last band out. Well 70:s rock usually not my cup of tea.

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