Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's a diffrence of score and a song.

Usually this is what people does this mistake. Since I got through many demos this week it is a normal thing to see. Most of the time when people talks about "this music is soooo suitable for a movie or a game" it usually kind of slow and contains a lot of strings or mood sounds.

But that is the score. This part is done by a person hired for the game or the movie to do. The Most famous score comes here

As you notice it's going up and down in tempo, build up and more. Usually that I because the music is written along the pictures.

But a song in a movie is a song that fits in. Can be a song to open up a show like this

Still the Friends theme is not that much used in the TV sere itself, which the Star Wars theme is in the Star Wars movies.

So I’m very suspicious when people write that their music is very good for movies or TV series. Specially dark ones. Then I usually get this

And this is one of the rare one that really works. Usually the song should set the tone for a scene. Not for the whole series. So music that is actually good for movie and TV series contains word that are good. Happiness, Money, Winner. Yes songs like We are the champions, Money Money Money with ABBA, stuff like that.

I guess most of the people that say they have songs that are syncable not thinks of ABBA. They thinks more of Twin Peaks but the truth is that ABBA is widely more synced then Twin Peaks.

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