Friday, November 25, 2016

Make up your mind.

It’s really interesting to see people present themselves to me with their music and claiming that they are really dedicated to doing music and become a successful artist.

Then you open their homepage and just a section is about music. There is sections that they write books, do poetry some amateur theatre. Just that they have just a facebook page nothing more. I mean if you are dedicated you probably would have homepage, facebook, twitter, youtube channel, everything containing your music, if that was really your goal.

Most of these people are mainly looking for handle over all work on somebody else so they could fix a career for them. Well if it fails they have other people doing the same on the other stuff they are doing.

Also people that has quite many bands are the same. Make up your mind and don’t have them all on one page. If you have several bands, let them live in different spaces, not the same space. That also just becomes for that, no you are not dedicated. 

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