Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nagg, but only if you have something to nagg about.

I sometimes get from artists that we should call up the radio stations, or blogs, newspapers whatever. The thing is you only do that if you have something new. They all look and read on our first send outs on e-mail. I know that since every time I speak to them they can actually say things from the text. So no it’s not that they don’t get the message. More that the message is not interesting enough to react on.

So if I then call back a week later and ask the same question “did you like the song, will you add it?”. They just say, well have something happened with it somewhere else. If the answer then is no, well they it’s easy for them to say no.

The strategy is to have something new to get in. Like calling up, “ Hey did you see they new video”. Or “Hey we just reached 50 000 streams and got in on this cool playlist”, “Or the artist will play in your city next week”. Anything new, not just did you listen to the song again.

Mainly also this is the problem that you get from the artists. If it is an artist release themselves they only have new things for two weeks, the song and a video. When you work with professional record labels they usually have things for at least 6 weeks. They really good ones 10 weeks or more.

They actually create all the “new” stuff happenings beforehand. Then if something really happens they use that and push the other stuff in the future.

And yes most media wait out other media so it is some kind of chicken and egg debate about it. Still there is so much stuff that can be done if you just plan ahead.

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