Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let's work togheter, and you do the job!

It feels sometimes like in high school when you did assignments with people. Some never did anything and you had to do all the work and they took all credit for it.

Over the years I have been better and better to just say no to these things. Right now I work with a couple of lovely teams around artists like Mother Mink, Royal Prospect, Like Swimming, The Magnettes and Adée that is working really hard and you become a good team member getting the feeling to get things done.

But outside this I get so many of these offers that we should join forces. But for now I really have stopped sharing my work and my contacts with people that doesn’t give something back.
I just saw one of these offers online that they wanted me to join. And I get the feeling of high school again. But I will say no this time.

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