Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All commercial is good commercial?

I usually say that to artists that I work with. But yesterday I actually found a way that was not that clever and maybe just pure stupid. A Swedish pretty unknown hardrock band called Truckfighters released a video that was a copy of the story of a very famous murder on a girl a year ago.

Of the reaction was that is totally crazy to do that. Even the parents to the girl and lawyers was disgusted. Then the band tried to tell that the story was not about her. Well they used her name in the video so that was not true. Then they tried to say that it was a protest against violence against women. Well there is ways to protest that better than just do a stupid video.

In the end the band has to crawl to the cross and say that they would give the revenues to the murded girl’s trust.

Okey they got commercial out of it. But it was pure negative. I guess many bookers is not that keen on having the band for a couple of years. The story just went to Sweden though and this band is more abroad so the damage is kind of local. I checked the gossip pages and it seems they didn’t care. Still I think this is probably one of the worst ways of trying to get publicity.

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