Monday, August 15, 2016

I really don't care who played the kazoo

You know when you go home for a holiday with your family. Yes you will have that relative that nags all the time about things that really doesn’t matter. On top of that they mention people that you don’t know or even care about.

-          Yes then Carl-Otto went to the bank to take out his money. Yada yada yada….

In the end it is no point to the story and waste of time.

Exactly the way feel about some people that gives out music that no one would like to hear, but insists to have every damn people to be show up on Spotify. No Spotify doesn’t show who played the Kazoo. There is no field for that. And to be really honest NOBODY CARES! Except for you as an artist.

Same when the band has hired a famous musician and try all ways to get that into the credit list. Same here nobody gives a shit if you had Rolf Hammarlund on drums. The majority of people don’t even know who he is, neither do I. Sure if you had Gene Simmons on base, cool many more people know him, and still we won’t listen to your damn song.

Those people that claims to want to know these things are the same people that collects vinyl’s and are introvert and lonely, and here is an article about them

If you just stop doing that shit and took some time to do some PR you actually might get some listeners.

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