Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Contract whores!

I just hate when I talk to people that are still in the old record business. And climb on to the old standards like a child to their lollipop.

You can just hear it when they start to sell an act to you on how much progress they really had. I was talking to a manger that really are in the old world a couple days ago.

First mistake, they namedrop stuff that is not a namedrop.  Sounds like this:
You know the guitarist played in Lonely wolf before. And the drummer is from Nuclear boys. And the producer has produced Sator.

Just mention Sator (witch is the only of these bands that are semifamous) makes me go off. Sator is like the most useless band to namedrop ever!  So really it’s nothing to namedrop! Don’t namedrop something that is not a household name. And if it is a household name make sure it’s not a lousy one like Accept, Scorpions, Europe or Running Wild. Let it at least be Gun ‘n’ Roses, Motorhead or Kiss. Or don’t even mention it.

Then they do the second mistake. And usually a bigger mistake. They tell you how much the critics loves the band. Kerrang! said that the band is god’s gift to mankind.

Really! First is Karrang! still given out? In paperform? Second yes I just looked on the figures on Spotify the album doesn’t have over 1000 streams. So what the bloody hell does it matter that (if they did, it seems like I’s never on the bands homepages a copy of these reviews) if Kerrang! wrote that the audience doesn’t care what Kerrang! writes. Really no one. Actually the 13 year old neighbor’s kid has more views on his Youtube channel then Kerrang! has readers.

These two sales methods is in the past. Before when really you couldn’t read the figures, and the record labels manipulated them quite much. Today is just worthless. I can read a bands status on my phone in less than 10 seconds. You don’t need to boost if the figures is not there. Just tell me like it is. This is a new band that just released an album and we haven’t got it out to a bigger audience.

Then comes the killing line of the sales pictch: We just need a good recordlabel.

Here is also a kind of bad thing. I mean the bands has released things and yes when I look on their pages on Spotify I see the names of the labels. Yes if the label is run by some old dud with a hairline that are down in the neck and grow a ponytail and gives out records from a small village in Sweden. That just tells me that the band is just suckers for signing contacts, any contract would do. Can be even worse the dude with a long back hairline can have lederhosen and live in a small German village that I just want to punch you in the face. Really hard since you such a contract whore!

Why is these people still around. Yes I know they are still populate Midem. They have nothing to do in today’s music industry, really nothing. It’s like the band that signed with the guy who signed U2 as a manager, they still haven’t found what they are looking for.

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