Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't push it too far.

I just got a call from someone that pushed it too far. An artist that somehow got a hold of my phonenumber (that is not hard, still a email could have been better). The artist had some questions that i answerd just to be nice. Yes i helped so that the artist saved some money on not to do some mistakes that could have cost a lot.

Fine by that. But here several artists push it too far. Suddenly the day after i was in a important Skype meeting my phone starts ringning. Well you know when you are on Skype your call you are on gets disrupted. So what i did was just to hang up to get back to Skype. Then the caller calls again, i push them off. In total of 30 minutes call it happens five times. A bit embarrsing that gets disrupted from the conference like that.

So after i call up the number that was so frantically calling me. It was the artist that just had a question. And it happens to be almost the same question that I answerd the day before.

Right now the artist has called me three days out of five with questions, even on a Sunday. Yes its to push it to far.

Yes i know many in the buissness don't even answer on calls just because of the pushers. I don't wanna be like that. Unfortunly also they only take don't give. Okey this buissness is kind of narcisstic but you know where the limit is.

So i put her number down as a "don't answer" on my phone. Then the artist Call me again frantically like five times in an houer. Of course i don't answer. And to be honest i was busy with a legal paper that had to be finished so it didn't matter who called.

Then it comes up on our Facebook wall on the support on our distribution company that we should call the artist since we are so hard to reach. This is just rude. The artist is not even a customer in that company. The message could have been sent as a message. But no, put it on the wall so everybody ses it.

The support asked me what to do. I just told them to answer that the artist could send a mail with the "important" question.

Later i got a mail in my inbox from the artist saying:
Hello, i have a question can you call me on *the number i blocked in my phone*.

I wrote back:
I'm a bit busy now. Can you write the question here in the email.

The answer was:
Its much easier on the phone. Call me
As soon as possible.

Here you might think this must be a lose cannon. But to be honest its rather common. I get several cases like this a year. Well i called the artist after a couple of houers.

First the artist was a bit angry because i was hard to get a hold of and demanded to get a direct number to my personal phone (the truth is that was the number the artist got). I managed to get out the question that was so important.
It was the same question that i got on the first call.

This is also kind of usual. They don't like the answer so they try to ask the question again in another angel to get the answer they want. It should fit their expectaition not be the right answer.

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