Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Know your value

Yes you need to know your value. Here in Sweden there are several organistions that promotes that yes all musicans should be paid more and so on. Yes they should, but to be fair most of those who is not paid dosen't have the value.

If i go outside and just take a handfull of mud. It really dosen't have any value. It would if that mud is a part of a building in africa. Yes mud have can have a value. But here in my village the mud is everywhere so it dosen't have any value. So i have to get the mud to a place where it has value. Or make a pottery of it to make value.

Problem today is that many artists is trying to sell the mud as it is in my village. There is to many of the same artist and they haven't developed the mud to a pottery with PR.

And this makes it alla weird when you give a artist like that a chance. Suddenly they want the treatment like they are the upscale mud. They really don't know their value.

I have seen so many artist beeing fooled by these orgnisations telling them that yes they should demand certain things. When their value is not in the range of these demands. So why are these organisations doing this? Well mostly since it's their job. It's like lawyers. they always fins errors in contracts just to get paid some more houers. And to  the worst lawyers it's almost always time to sue someone, even if it's just hot coffe on Mc Donalds.

So how to go around it. Well know your value in diffrent situations.

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