Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hur funkar en A&R

Fick det här mailet:
Hi dear A&R at Dead Frog Records, my name's Fabio, and I'm a musician and producer better known as Soul Basement.I just completed the recording of my new album "Behemoths", featuring Glenn Bidmead (Foreigner, Savage Garden...), and I'm currently looking for labels interested in licensing/releasing it.
The CD has already been licensed in Europe, Russia (+ CSI territories) and China (Asia), while it's still available for all of the remaining territories around the world.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could listen to it.
My previous album "Yesterday Today Tomorrow" (Stereo Deluxe/Warner Music) - published by Sony/ATV - has received positive feedback, and its sales were pretty good as well, mostly thanks to the very successful single "Goodbye My Love": 

Nu ska vi lära oss hur en modern A&R funkar. Först varför skicka till mig jag sitter ju i Europa och det står att det territoriet är taget så det är ointressant. Kollar sen in succé singeln ”Goodbye My Love” som knappt har 1000 lyssningar på Spotify. Kyss mig i arschlet att det här har någon succé. Han har inte gjort någon grundkontroll. Påminner mig om det här:

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