Monday, September 25, 2017

No sites makes you famous

If you are an artist going up and build a fanbase the people that you need will find you. That is pretty good advice. The error many do is to instead of looking for an audience is looking for an outlet that has the audience.

I guess they think it goes faster but in reality, they are spending time on nothing. If you are using Bandcamp sure do that, but use it. Not just put up an account and think people will find you. In my opinion, Bandcamp is kind of stupid. But when you use it and drive traffic to it might work.
In reality, you might have the same success with a homepage and then you own your clients.

The sites you really should not go on is the ones that want you to upload your music and suddenly you can be famous. Especially the one that you have to pay to get to industry people. I have spoken to may industry people both people who not use them or use them but both say they have never found anything out of these sites.

In reality, you have to get out there and fight to get recognition and in the end actually, deserve that people recognize you. Now so than ever.

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