Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another tech startup, with no solution?

My friends were posting about another tech startup in the music business. This time on the live side called Gigital. The story is that they want to revolutionize the live industry.
Telling that the live industry is very closed and immature and not digital friendly (i can actually agree on this in certain points). Their solution building a site where booker can find bands to book, with a more approach to dating and more open numbers of what they artist cost.

I have seen this so many times before. One of my hobbies is to go on startup conferences and get shirts from companies that really will fail. I have a wardrobe full of this t-shirts. My favorite is Glomper, an Instagram with different filters, I wonder if they still exists?

Several companies had this idea, some of them actually with the same idea is already out there. In fact, the idea is around the same as Gigmit, Bandwagon, Bands in town, Gigsalad, Sonicbids, Music Glue, Artistivity, Bookmyartist and then I know at least four Swedish ones. And really no one of them works.

One of the features was that you could see the social numbers of the artist. Right now since several festivals going down after trusted that the social media numbers were good, it's not the right way to point.

They were complaining that it's all built on networks and emails and that the artist agencies is holding everything and gives out different price tags. It's true they really do. But sometimes in the artist's favor. This is a way to say no to gig you don't want. You get a gig that you really don't want. Okay, you are not booked but it won't be that nice. Still, if the price is good enough you do it gladly. Many times that is what it is you tell them to give me five times more and they say yes and you do it with a smile.

But they are up against a bunch of other real problems. Sure when I meet Spotify 2007 they were up against an even bigger problem. Same that it was several others on the market. I really hope they make it and that I can get a t-shirt that will have in the pile of the companies that actually went on. My Spotify T-shirt is kind of alone in there.

I'm skeptical but I hope for change even in the live area. and I hope they pick up the small things that need to change to get a revolution like Spotify did. Put Gigital on your mind. I think they have some new solutions inside it, not like many of my T-shirts that had no solution just an idea.

I will follow this project it will be interesting, despite mine negativity.

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